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Edward Moses

Senior Project Manager and Facilities Support

Ed brings decades of construction management experience to PMG having managed large scale, complex real estate projects through all phases of design, permitting and construction. He provides structured management of maintenance personnel, capital planning for all building projects and operating-budget capabilities. Ed thrives in his role due to his uncanny ability to see the comprehensive bigger picture broken down in to manageable steps that will yield the desired end-goal. Ed has learned through his years of experience how to appropriately and effectively convey that end-goal to his team and leverages his expertise to produce consistent results. He coordinates third party project managers on site keeping in mind all expressed goals and objectives. Ed brings insightful understanding that carries projects from design initiatives through due diligence to timely project completion within budget all while maintaining excellent relationships with senior management, client representatives and investors.

E-mail: emoses@parisimanagementgroup.com